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High Quality Hardware

You use hardware from brand manufacturers. You also benefit from software and tools from the most successful providers, with whom we have close partnerships. Our products are extremely reliable and the services are of high quality.

Tested reliability

Our Servers guarantees you 99.95% availability on a monthly average. We make our services available to you in data centers that have been awarded the highest rating of five stars.

Fail-safe fast servers

Very fast and reliable servers with all possible (and impossible) ways are open to you for your homepage: PHP, SQL, Python, mySQL, Mongo, SSL, email forwarding, SMS notification, spam protection ... or simply said: everything your heart can desire.

Lots of storage space

Our WebHosting offers you plenty of storage space, which you can easily distribute to web and e-mail storage according to your needs. Store your data and everything else you need.

Expert support

We are there when you need us. At Host Europe, an experienced team of experts is available to you free of charge: 365 days a year around the clock - by phone and email. You can also find valuable tips in our blog and regular newsletters.

Our promise

We make sure that your website is accessible at all times. We expand your team as an external contact for technical questions about your Projects and also help with malware infections or other problems. Our goal is an ever better support experience, because that is also part of our understanding of real managed website hosting.

Frequently Ask Questions

What distinguishes efficient web hosting?

Our packages now offer you even more speed, security and web space - everything you need to host a private or professional website on the Internet. You can also set up several web projects under different domains or manage different internet projects under a common domain. In addition, we make subdomains setup available, with the help of which you can structure your websites or your content in a user-friendly manner. Our WebHosting packages also include our website development service, which can be used to design up to 2 pages, with minimal charge. All of our web hosting plans are easy to use. Special administration knowledge is not required.

The various types of hosting differ in terms of price, structure and performance. Shared hosting is a good compromise between functionality and price. This will allow you to easily host a medium sized website with high traffic. The name says it all: you share the resources of this server with other users who are also hosted there. However, the data and content of the users are completely isolated. No one except you has access to your information. A virtual private server (VPS) is a dedicated virtual storage space. This is the virtually separated part of a server that is assigned to a user. The user thus has his own storage space for hosting, which he has completely at his disposal. However, you must manage this storage space yourself or have a system administrator assist you. With cloud web hosting, you use an isolated server and its resources. This server is completely managed by us so that you can devote yourself entirely to the development of your web project. The dedicated server guarantees you the highest degree of freedom and performance. You have your own physical server hosted in our data centers. You can use it to put complex web applications online, use AI and host a whole range of websites. The dedicated servers are optimally designed to meet the requirements of the most ambitious projects.

To find out which web hosting is right for you, first develop your web strategy. The requirements for hosting change depending on the size of your company, the extent of your online activities and your IT equipment. For an online shop with high traffic, we in turn offer more powerful solutions, such as our performance hosting. For their part, projects with big data, AI and machine learning require solutions with even more capacities. One example of this is a high-performance dedicated server from our bare metal range. It is important to assess the need for IT resources. If a solution limits your room for maneuver, you may lose visibility and relevance for search engines (failures, slow reactions, etc.).

When you have chosen the right hosting for your project, all you have to do is provide it on the server. It's very straightforward in your customer center. Haven't you created a website yet? To do this, install a CMS module with few clicks. So you can start designing your website right away. Do you already have a page? Then transfer their files to your hosting: with FTP Explorer, an FTP client or SSH. Then create your databases and e-mail accounts in connection with your domain name.